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David Rackman ('02-'04)

After graduating from Ramaz (and starring on their basketball team), David Rackman, a native of Scarsdale, NY studied in Reishit from 2002- 2004, where he was renowned for his sharp mind, diligence, and dry sense of humor, is still actively involved in Reishit. David has stayed in touch with many of his Rabbeim, and is a proud member of Sarei Ha’Alafim.

After his years at Reishit, David received a BA in in Psychology from Yeshiva University (’04-’06), continued learning at Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore (’06-’09), and then studied law both at Cardozo Law School (JD, Taxation) and NYU Law (LL.M, Taxation). David worked for a number of years at Berdon LLP (2012-2014) and Ernst & Young and now does tax compliance and transaction work in the real estate group of EisnerAmper LLP.

David married Robyn (nee Fenster) in 2009, and after short stints in Manhattan and Kew Gardens Hills, they settled in Woodmere, where Robyn was raised. Robyn attended SKA and Michlala, continued her studies at Queens College, earning a BA in Art, and subsequently received her MA in Special Education from Touro College. She is currently a preschool teacher (“A great one!” says David) at the JCC of the Five Towns.

David and Robyn have been blessed with three beautiful boys: Mordechai (age 5), Nachi (age 3), and Menachem/Emanuel (age 1), named for David’s eminent grandfather, Rabbi Dr. Emanuel Rackman.

Although David is a very busy with law he still makes it a priority to set aside time for Torah study, whether shnayim mikra, Daf Yomi, Mishna Berurah, or Shev Shmaitsa with his brother in-law. He especially loves learning with his children and is actively involved in his shul, Kehilas Yagdil Torah of Woodmere.

The Rackmans also host numerous shiurim throughout the year.

Although David has accomplished so much in such a short time, he has never forgotten the special time he spent in Beit Shemesh. “Reishit was not simply a place to learn Torah, but rather an atmosphere of Torah. Learning and schmoozing with Rebbeim and chessed activities provided me with an opportunity to take stock in identifying fulfillment. Reishit was a cornerstone in who I am today; my time there has made a difference not only for me but my entire family and the generations to come (iy”H).” We are extremely proud of all of David and Robyn’s accomplishments, and we wish them tremendous hatzlacha in all of their future endeavors.

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