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Rabbi Yoni Sherizen ('96-'98)

First Chief Executive of University Jewish Chaplaincy Board, United Kingdom

From Detroit to Israel, Germany to England... Since his days at Reishit,  Yoni Sherizon has been serving Klal Yisrael accross the globe...

Since September 2006, Rav Yoni and his wife, Dalia, have been responsible for overseeing all Rabbinic chaplaincy couples on university campuses throughout the UK, and have been at the forefront of a major effort to improve and revitalize Jewish life on campus. Before taking on his new position, Rav Yoni & Dalia  served as the first JLC Jewish Chaplains at Oxford University for three years.  Rav Yoni & Dalia are respected role models and leaders, and their dedication to Harbatzat HaTorah and Jewish Education has earned them widespread accolades from their peers and constituancy.

After spending Shana Alef & Bet at Reishit, Rav Yoni attended Yeshiva University, RIETS and YU's Gruss Kollel from 2001-2003. Rav Yoni has been involved in Tzarchei Tzibur - Jewish community life in numerous capacities, and was very involved in Chai Lifeline / Camp Simcha as well YUSSR, coordinating Pesach Sedarim and summer camps for Jewish children in Ukraine and Belarus. In addition, Rav Yoni worked with The Lauder Foundation, and has spent Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kipur in Worms, Germany, as well as Shabbatot teaching at the Frankfurt Midrasha. Previously, he worked as  a Summer intern at the UJA-Federation of New York for 2 years, and likes to point out that he mowed lawns and worked in warehouses on vacation as a kid and spend a summer assisting on a construction site in his hometown of Detroit!

Dalia and Yoni live in London with their chldren, Elyakim (4) Sarit (2) & Rachel (9 months), and can be reached at

We are proud of their hard work and committment to Klal Yisrael, and look forward enjoying to continued Nachas from their acomplishments.

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