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Effie Zlotnick

"My fondest memories from Reishit are definitely the one-on-one Chavrusas that I had learning with my Rabbeim. The fact that these Rabbeim who I truly looked up to would take time out of their day to learn with me, and talk about really anything that was on my mind was truly inspirational."

Effie Zlotnick's connection to Reishit began in September of 2002. He joined the yeshiva in its third year on the Beit Shemesh campus and stayed for a year and a half. Although Effie is long removed from his time in Reishit, his connection is still going strong. Effie is in contact with his Rabbeim on a regular basis. As he himself says, "I still speak to my Rabbeim on a regular basis, whether just to catch up or to hear their perspective on anything I am experiencing in my own life, from raising a family b'ezras Hashem to balancing working with learning."

After leaving Reishit, Effie attended Yeshiva University and majored in accounting. While in YU, Effie was the shiur assistant for Rabbi Adler's shiur for 2 years, giving chazarah shiurim, and running shiur Shabbatons and vaadim. He also completed 3 years of YU Smicha. During this busy time, he also learned in the afternoons for 2 years in the DRS Kollel, and had chavrusas with some of the talmidim there at night. Effie also spent two summers in Camp HASC, and one in Mesorah Kollel. Effie is currently working as an accountant at KPMG in Manhattan.

Effie is married to Rena (nee' Zelmanovic) from Monsey and they have a 2-year-old daughter, Shoshana. (Effie and Rena were set up by Rav Judah and Ora Mischel.) Rena went to Darchei Bina for her year in Israel , and then attended Touro College. She also went to Camp HASC for 4 years. She is now an accountant at a property management firm in Montvale, NJ.

Effie and Rena started out living in Washington Heights. They used to spend many Shabbosim at Mishkon in Boro Park, where they would help run Shabbos activities for the consumers there, who were mentally challenged. Recently, they have moved to Passaic and are excited about the opportunities there for their own personal and communal growth. We are proud of Effie's and Reena's hard work,and we wish them continued success in all that they do.
"It was that warmth and attention that I believe was so key in helping me develop both intellectually and spiritually during my time in Reishit. "

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