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Yehuda Kohn (2000)

It's been a long and busy journey, but twelve years after his shana alef at Reishit, Yehuda Kohn has made his way back to Israel - with his wife and four children. Making aliya from Bergenfield, New Jersey, the Kohns now live in Efrat — a short twenty five minute drive from the yeshiva.

Yehuda arrived at Reishit in 2000, its second year in Bet Shemesh (in the temporary dorm he roomed in what is currently the kitchen), and to this day is still actively involved with the yeshiva. He recently joined our Sarei HaAlafim program, and is in the process of helping organize a vaad for alumni living in Israel.

After Reishit, Yehuda attended YU's Sy Symms School of Business, where he majored in marketing. He then went on to work at Royal Wine Corp., a company that imports and distributes wine and spirits, and since aliya has continued in the same industry. Yehuda is both Tavor and Tulip Wines.

Yehuda is married to the former Naomi Klians of Toronto, Canada, who holds a BA from York University as well as a Masters in Special Education from Touro College. Yehuda and Naomi have been blessed with four wonderful children: Hilly, 8, Shayna, 6, Shea, 3, and Saadya, 1.

Leaving the United States wasn't simple for the Kohn's, as both Yehuda and Naomi were active members of the Bergenfield community. Yehuda was very close with Rav Yaakov Neuberger, and was a board member of his shul, Cong. Beth Abraham. Naomi was involved in the shul sisterhood as well as the Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey (RYNJ). Yehuda was a pillar of the Beth Abraham Bet Midrash at nights, where he learned consistently with his chavrutot. He even made a siyum on Shas with this past Daf Yomi cycle!

Making aliya is the Kohns' dreams come true. They feel privileged to live in a generation when Jews can come to live freely in our homeland, serving Hashem openly in the place where we naturally belong. While they miss both family and friends in the US and Canada, they are extremely excited to be in Israel, and they feel welcomed and content in their new community.

We at Reishit are incredibly proud of the Kohn's success and accomplishments and wish them a tremendous amount of hatzlacha in all of their future endeavors here in Eretz Yisrael.

"The drive for continuous growth Naomi and I share today is no doubt a credit to the Rabbeim and the Yeshiva."

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