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Josh Heching (2002-3)

A native of New York City, Josh Heching attended MTA before coming to Reishit for the 2002-03 year of study. Even after twelve years, though, the yeshiva is still very much a part of Josh’s life. Whenever he is in Israel, he comes to visit Reishit and maintains a close connection with his rabbeim, even from across the ocean. Additionally, Josh is a member of the Sarei HaAlafim, as well as the alumni association.

After Reishit, Josh attended Queens College, where he majored in accounting and minored in economics. Josh began working in public accounting at Price Waterhouse Coopers, while, simultaneously, completing his CPA. Since then, Josh has worked in financial planning, analysis, and investor relations for Time Warner Cable, and is currently working in private equity.

In 2006, Josh married Lani (nee Leibtag), who was raised in Far Rockaway, NY and studied at Queens College where she met Josh. Currently, Lani works as Associate Director for the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation, while also finishing up her MA in public health from Columbia University. Josh and Lani have been blessed with two beautiful children, Amalie (5) and Louie (22 months).

Josh and Lani enjoy living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Although Josh davens primarily at the famed Jewish Center, he appreciates going to different shuls, too. “A huge perk of living in Manhattan that you have so many shuls in such a close radius,” he says. Another benefit is that Amalie attends Manhattan Day School, which Josh attended as a child.

Josh says that he has fond memories of his year at Reishit: “Yeshiva was by far one of the most amazing years of my life. I have countless memories and so many long lasting friendships. And the friendships are real and substantive.” But it was even more than a great chevra that Josh found at Reishit. “Yeshiva also gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to be a dedicated Modern Orthodox Jew,” says Josh. “I am just so happy with the path I am on and feel Reishit helped me on that path and gave me the skills to continue to grow on that path.

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