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Sarei Ha'Alafim

The Sarei HaAlafim:
A Special Way to Recognize Reishit Alumni who Support Yeshiva 

We are now beginning a major effort to enlist the support of our alumni for the Reishit Scholarship Fund. Never have we at yeshiva been faced with so many scholarship requests, and we turn to you, our alumni, who have benefited from a year or more at Reishit to help us. All donations will be used exclusively to provide the unique Reishit experience for all talmidim. Every alumnus who contributes $1000+ annually will be recognized for their help on a beautiful Sarei HaAlafim Board at the entrance to the Beit Midrash. On the board,  reserved exclusively for alumni, there will also be special sections for those who contribute more per year. To think about it from another perspective, for as little as $85 per month your name will be featured prominently in the Beit Midrash lobby and will be seen by all visitors and grateful talmidim on a daily basis. Of course alumni who participate in this important project are entitled to two free tickets to the Reishit Dinner and special mention in the Scroll of Honor. We ask you to please join us by taking this leadership role in the future of our yeshiva.

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