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Rav Shalom Rosner to Join Reishit Staff

Reishit is excited to announce that Rav Shalom Rosner will " be joining our staff of Rabbeim for this coming (5769) year.
Rav Rosner, who currently teaches a standing room only shiur in the Stone Beis Medrash Program at Yeshiva University and is the founding Rav of Congregation Bais Ephraim Yitzchok of Woodmere, New York, is renowned for the depth and clarity he brings to his shiurim. A warm and caring Rebbe, Rav Rosner is no stranger to Reishit as he has taught many Reishit alumni at YU and has delivered guest shiurim in Yeshiva on a number of occassions. Rav Rosner will be teaching advanced gemara and halacha shiurim for our talmidim with exceptionally strong skills. All of our talmidim look forward to interacting with and learning from such an outstanding talmid chacham.