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Scholarship Fund Parlor Meeting in Plainview, NY

Hosted by Dr. Ben & Aileen Kirshenbaum (proud parents of Josh '04-'05 & Michael '07)                              

Recap by Aviva Zuller, Assistant Director of Development

As part of a new fundraising initiative to replenish the severely depleted Scholarship fund for prospective Reishit students, Rav Jay and Barbara Marcus visited the home of Reishit parents Aileen and Dr. Ben Kirshenbaum of Plainview, LI on Tuesday evening, September 2. Several other former Reishit parents, supporters and talmidim, also warmly greeted Rav Jay and Barbara. Rav Elie Weisman, the morah D'atra of the Young Israel of Plainview was also in attendance. Rav Weisman opened the evening by reinforcing the concept of Drishat Yerushalayim, the idea that we must seek out our connections to Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael and Torah Eretz Yisrael if we want them to stay strong. He expressed how successful Reishit has been at instilling this teaching in its students.

Rav Jay then spoke very openly and frankly as to his concerns regarding the battle that boys post high school face in a completely open society. At every turn, there are harmful distractions can pull boys astray. A year in Israel can no longer be considered an extra in the development of young Jewish men, but has now become an imperative. However, this need, Rav Jay explained, has become juxtaposed against a difficult economy that has made it increasingly hard for parents to afford this crucial experience for their sons. This year, Reishit was overwhelmed with applications for tuition assistance, and has committed to help as many students as possible. In order to sustain this effort, Rav Jay, explained, he would require the support of the whole Reishit community and he hoped that this singular night in Plainview would only be the first of many equally encouraging evenings.

Reishit would like to wish the Kirshenbaums a special thank you and yasher koach for a wonderful evening. Anyone who would like to host a similar event to benefit the Reishit Scholarship fund can contact Aviva Zuller, Reishit Yerushalayim Office of Development 718.761.5855