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Annual Alumni BBQ

Close to 100 Alumni and Rabbeim joined our 6th Annual Upstate NY Reunion BBQ on Sunday Evening, August 2nd at Camp HASC. Rav Chaim Soloveichik, Rav Rosner & Rav Judah shared Divrei Torah and chizuk, and Talmidim had a chance to spend time with old friends and Rabbeim, including: Rav Dan Wertzberger, Rav Elon & Rebbetzin Estie Sonicker (Alumni Coordinators at YU), Rav Aryeh Sufrin, and former madrichim Hal Levy, Josh Silverman and Naftali Herrmann. Special thanks to Yakov Gelb, Yitzie "Shwarma" Jacobowitz and the HASC Kitchen staff for their hard work in preparing the BBQ.