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New Director of Alumni Affairs: Rav Yosef Bronfeld

Over the past few years, I have had the zechus of being a Rebbe in Reishit and getting to know many of you.  Teaching here has been a special opportunity which I’ve enjoyed immensely.  Recently, I have been given the added privilege of working with you on a greater level, as the Director of Alumni Affairs.  As I, myself, am a Reishit alumnus, my new involvement in this area is very exciting for me.  I know from both sides of the fence how important it is to keep Rebbe-Talmid relationships vibrant, and to continue being connected to the Yeshiva as much as possible.  I am genuinely interested in getting feedback about what Reishit can do for you.  Please take advantage of this new opportunity, and contact me at 646-259-3933 with whatever ideas you may have.  With your help, the Reishit experience will last a lifetime!