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NEW!! Special Opportunity: Business Networking

Dear Reishit Alumnus,
            I hope that you had a meaningful Pesach, and were able to relax over Yom Tov. Here at Reishit we have just begun the new zman. We’ve switched masechtot from Bava Kama to Taanit for the summer zman, and b’ezrat Hashem, a significant portion of the yeshiva will finish the entire masechta.
            In the midst of the excitement of a new zman, we’re also planning new ways to reach out to and encourage chessed among alumni. As you are aware, the worldwide economic crisis has brought a surge of unemployment and has forced some to accept work which they find uncomfortable. Thanks to the idea of several Reishit alumni, we are currently developing a program that will focus on business networking, in order to help each other through these difficult times. 
            We are planning a monthly e-mail, providing information about various job opportunities. Additionally, we will post job openings in the alumni section of the Reishit website ( In order for this to work, though, we need your help. We are asking anyone who knows of any job opportunities to please e-mail me with the information at This can include any type of job: full time, part time, etc. Please include a description of the job, as well as contact information.
            This project has a great deal of potential for us to help each other, but it can work only with your input. Please get involved; a little bit of effort can make a big difference in someone else’s life. After all, as the Rambam says, providing someone with a job is the highest level of tzedakah. I want to stress that the networking will include not only our nearly 1400 alumni but also donors and the broader Reishit community.
            Again, I would like to thank all of you who advanced this important idea. If anyone else has thoughts about this project, or any other suggestions about what we can do for alumni, please contact me. I thank you all in advance.

                                                            Rabbi Yosef Bronfeld
                                                            Director of Alumni Affairs
To view the job opportunity listings click on the following link: