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Scholarship Dinner

Thanks to our outstanding honorees, amazing alumni, and devoted supporters and friends, this year’s Scholarship Dinner at beautiful Shaare Zion was a tremendous success. The evening began with a delicious buffet dinner and ended with the spectacular desserts of Ram Caterers. In between we were privileged to recognize three couples who have given so much of themselves to our yeshiva.

Dinner Chair, Martin Vegh began the program by speaking of the vision of Reishit and introducing Rav Jay who presented Marc and Rena Goldstein as Guests of Honor and spoke of their dedication to kedusha in all realms. Next, Rav Elie presented Alumnus of the Year to David and Stephanie Sokol and spoke of their chessed as representing what Reishit is about. Finally, Rav Ari presented Educator of the Year to Rav David and Tracy Zeit for their mesirut to building and nurturing the new Sephardic program at yeshiva. The program concluded with a surprise siyum on Masechet Taanit by Josh Goldstein(09-10), son of our Guests of Honor.

Thank you to all who participated for making it such a wonderful evening and special hakarat hatov to Elisa Septee Lunzer of Elm Events for bringing her unmatched taste and professionalism to every aspect