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Shana Bet Begins With a Bang!!

Shana bet has started off strong. This past Shabbos, a shana bet Shabbaton took place in Yeshiva.  The guys were joined by Rav Ari, Rav Elie, Rav Doni, R' Willig, R' Rosner, R' Maslin, R' Mendel, and all of these Rebbeim's respective families.  R' Willig's and Rav Landau's shiurim then began on Sunday.  On Monday night, there was a barbeque dinner at Rav Bronfeld's house, followed by a special Mussar shiur by Rav Elie. On Tuesday night, there was an opening Vaad from Rav Benovitz. We are looking forward to continued growth from the shanna bet guys, and we are excitedly awaiting the arrival of the shanna alef guys on this coming Thursday.