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Chanuka in Reishit

Last week the yeshiva celebrated Chanuka together. The festival was kicked off on Tuesday, Erev Chanuka, with an inspiring talk given by Rav Yackov Sinclair of Yeshivat Ohr Sameach. Following his speech the talmidim enjoyed a chagiga with Hillel Zakai. On Wednesday yeshiva hosted the annual Keren HaYeled orphanage carnival. The talmidim created and ran games and events for the kids of Keren HaYeled to enjoy. After the carnival the talmidim had a tich hosted by madrich Michael Hurtes. Thursday evening the talmidim were invited to their morning Rebbes' homes for special Chanuka meals. Yeshiva was in for Shabbos. Sunday night was the annual inter-shiur competitions. Congratulations to Rav Elie's shiur on winning the Basketball, Gaga and Volleyball competitions, to Rav Willig's shiur on the slam-dunk contest, Rav Landau's shiur on wining at Dodge ball and to everyone else for being great sports. Monday afternoon through Wednesday night the yeshiva was on vacation. Optional trips were taken to Ganei Yoshua in Tel Aviv for barbeque and football on Tuesday, and to the deaf museum and Bnei Barak on Wednesday night. Thursday morning yeshiva was back in session. Yeshiva would like to thank everyone who helped out with Chanuka programming including Michael Hurtes for the optional tiulim, and a special thanks to Rav Ezra Hershberg for coordinating the Keren HaYeled carnival. Yeshiva welcomes all visiting alumni and prospective students.