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Galil Tiul

Sunday morning the talmidim of Yeshiva woke up early and left yeshiva at 430 AM (that's right, in the morning) to head up to our annual Galil Tiul. Yeshiva davened shacharis in Kiryat Shmoneh before hitting the slopes of Mt. Hermon. Some almidim enjoyed, sledding, snowboarding and skiing on Israel's snow capped mountain while others enjoyed an optional hike. That evening Yeshiva checked into the Kinor hotel along the shore of the Yam Kineret. Talmidim watched the super bowl together and enjoyed a barbecue in the middle of the night. The following day the talmidim were free to sleep in for late shacharis and breakfast. Later we went on a short walk along a perennial and enjoyed some of Israel's most magnificent waterfalls which only flow for a few months of the year. The talmidim davened mincha at the Kever of the tanna Choni HaMagil and then returned to yeshiva.