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Purim in Reishit!

Purim this year in Reishit was as wild and as uplifting as ever! After Krias HaMegilla and breakfast the talmidim of yeshiva sat down for a pre-chagiga ticsh led by Rav Ari and Rav Simcha. Guys sat by the candle light, sang songs and listened to stories to get into the Purim spirit. After they sang the last song the lights came on, the tables were cleared and the chagiga started. Chayim Dovid Shlomo Katz rocked the beis medrash and talmidim danced for simchas purim until well past midnight. The next day some of the talmidim woke up early for vasikin minyan. At eleven some talmidim went to go collecting matanos l'evyonim for L'maan Achai, a local tzadaka fund. Talmidim enjoyed Purim seudas at their morning Rebbes' houses.