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Shanna Alef has Arrived!

We are extremely excited to begin a new year in Reishit. Shanna bet guys arrived last week, followed by the shanna alef guys who arrived today. They were greeted at the airport by Rav Ari, Rav Elie, Rav Doni, Rav Benovitz and Rav Bronfeld. Once they arrived at Reishit they had orientation during which they met with there Rabbiem, were introduced to the Av Bayit, Yoal Rosby, and there Madrichim. This was followed by a delicious dinner. At night they went on a special tiyul to Kever Rachel and the Kotel."

We are looking forward to a great year!!!

Kever Rachel
View photo:Kever Rachel Kever Rachel
Oh Mama Rachel!
View photo:Oh Mama Rachel! Oh Mama Rachel!
Kohanim Chill Zone @ Kever Rachel
View photo:Kohanim Chill Zone @ Kever Rachel Kohanim Chill Zone @ Kever Rachel
Moishe's Heimeshe Bakery
View photo:Moishe's Heimeshe Bakery Moishe's Heimeshe Bakery
Dishing it out
View photo:Dishing it out Dishing it out
Haas Promenade
View photo:Haas Promenade Haas Promenade
Melave Malkah @ the Bronfelds
View photo:Melave Malkah @ the Bronfelds Melave Malkah @ the Bronfelds