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YOM IYUN, Oct 28, in NJ

Please join Rav Elie, Rav Landau and Rav Rosner for a special Yom Iyun, on  the topics of Shalom Bayis and Chinuch HaBanim. Both husbands and wives are encouraged to attend. There will be babysitting available. Brunch will be served 

It will take place on Sunday, October 28, in Congregation Beth Abraham, 396 New Bridge Rd, Bergenfield, NJ, 07621 from 10 AM -1 PM.

Rav Elie - Marriage: It's not a 50/50 Proposition
Rav Landau- Torah Parenting 101
Rav Rosner- The Torah's idea of Love?
To RSVP/info please contact Rav Chaim Marcus at or Rav Yosef Bronfeld at