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A Message from the Yeshiva

A Message from the Yeshiva to Our Alumni during these Difficult Times:

As you may know, following the Alumni Yom Iyun in Teaneck, Rav Elie, Rav Landau and Rav Rosner were on the last flight out of JFK before Sandy hit the US and Canada. Since then, we here at yeshiva, though thousands of miles away, have been closely following the destruction of the storm and are pained by all the tzaar, distress and suffering that it has brought to Acheinu B’nei Yisrael and all of their neighbors in the Northeast. We are speechless in the face of the devastation that has twisted and broken so many lives in so many different ways. We can’t pretend to know the ways of God and can only bow before His will. While we are distant physically and can’t directly be a part of relief efforts, we are trying to at least share the burden somewhat and are davening that Hashem ease your plight and mend what has been shattered. If we can in any way be of emotional support, please don’t hesitate to contact us – any of your Reishis rabbeim – at your convenience. At the same time, we are extremely proud of our alumni, MDs and EMTs who served the community during the worst of the storm, and others such as David Weinberg, who is tangibly involved in relief efforts (see May Hashem give wisdom, strength and courage to all those rebuilding their lives and to all those who are helping them in any way they can. The Hanhala and Rabbeim of Reishis