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Sneak Peak & Mussar in the Old City

On Thursday night, January 24th, the entire Yeshiva had a sneak peak at the brand new, nearly completed, Old City campus, where it all began. Old Reishis is now the sparkling new Arie and Eva Halpern Center for Jewish Life and Learning, right next to the rebuilt Hurva Shul. The entire Yeshiva went first to the the Kotel for the IDF induction ceremonies of Jon Liebman (2011-12). Afterwards, there was Night Seder & regular Thursday night Mussar in the Old City.  Many Alumni, some who learned in that Old City Beis Medrash, stopped in as well. What a great merging of old and new in the Holy City of Yerushalyim! "Ir SheChubra La Yachdav"!