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4/22 Tiyul

We had a tiyul with two seperate trails.  One was to Nahal Dragot, commonly known as "Darja", is one of the most difficult and extreme hikes in Israel. Darja's name puts fear into even tho most experienced hikers as it includes rappelling down sections of the trail, along with the ability to swim through mostly filthy water.

The second option was a hike to Ein Gedi, famously described as  an oasis in the desert and a green Garden of Eden in the wilderness. It is situated on the shore of the Dead Sea – the lowest place on Earth - at the feet of majestic mountains and cliffs.

One of the most exciting places in Israel, Ein Gedi combines a wild, natural setting with a primeval panorama, history and archaeology, tourist attractions, and spas. Its unique climate and atmosphere make it a place for a unique desert adventure.

The pictures from Darja are extremely rare as the nature of the hike was one where all phones and cameras were left on the buses since it involved swimming submerged in water, however, when there is a will, there is a way, and we managed to get a few pictures thanks to our incredible tour guide Yair Gafni.

Pictures from Ein Gedi will be forthcoming