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Updates to Yom Iyun

We are extremely excited about the Yom Iyun that is only a few days away.
In addition to the program below, both Rav Chaim Marcus and Rav Benovitz will be in attendance to meet with alumni.

We would like to thank Karen and David Portal and family for graciously sponsoring the Yom Iyun.
לעלוי נשמת
רב אריה לייב בן רב שרגא פייוול זיסמן זצ"ל
רב אברהם בן רב חיים פורטל זצ"ל
מרן הרב עובדיה יוסף בן יעקב זצוק"ל
Mr. Leibel Zisman, Rabbi Avraham Portal
Maran Harav Ovadia Yosef

Rav Elie, Rav Landau and Rav Rosner will be speaking at Reishit's second annual Yom Iyun, on the topic of Shabbat.
All alumni, both single and married (& their wives), are encouraged to attend.
There will be babysitting available. Brunch will be served.
The Yom Iyun will take place on Sunday, October 13, in Congregation Beth Abraham,
396 New Bridge Rd, Bergenfield, NJ, 07621
from 10 AM -1 PM.
Rav Elie - More than Just a Nice Gift.
Rav Landau- All Around the Table: Making Shabbat the Highlight of the Week.
Rav Rosner- The Things You Need to Know About Shabbat That You Might Not Have.

Please RSVP to Rav Yosef Bronfeld at