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A Jam Packed Week of Guest Speakers

This past week the yeshiva hosted four amazing speakers who talked about four very diverse, yet very important subjects.

On Monday, students were privileged to hear from distinguished Reishit alum, the dynamic rabbi of the Young Israel of Scarsdale, Rav Jonathan Morgenstern, who spoke on the topic of "Real Growth and Being True to Oneself".

Two days later, Mr. Morris Smith spoke about his experience as a highly successful hedge fund manager and what it takes to be a committed religious Jew while working on Wall Street.

On Thursday, Rav Yehoshua Hartman, Rosh Yeshiva of the Bet Medrash of the Hasmonean School in London, England and editor of nearly 30 works of the great Maharal of Prague, spoke on the deeper message of Purim for us according to the Maharal's thought.

The week was topped off with special Shabbat guest, Dr. Dan Polisar, Executive Vice President and Provost, Shalem College, who held a question and answer session on Israeli politics on Friday night and on Shabbat morning spoke about the most articulate spokesmen who have defended the State of Israel to the world and what we can learn from them. At Seudah Shlishit, Dr. Polisar spoke of the tremendous example of a Kiddush Hashem in the person of Yaakov Herzog, talmid chacham and diplomat.

Although each of the speakers addressed a topic vastly different than the others, all made a deep impression upon our students with their eloquence, dynamism and scholarship.