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Daven for Our Soldiers

As we all daven that our soldiers in Gaza should come back home safe and successful, we ask you to have in mind the Reishit alumni, who volunteered of their own volition to risk their lives on behalf of our country.  These include Asher Nadler, who is currently stationed right outside of Gaza, and Benzion Levie, who is in the West Bank.  In addition, Matthew Alon, who was in Reishit last year and is coming back shannah bet, has two brothers who are in Gaza, Jacob Isaac and Jonathan Dov. 
Also, Reishit has been asked to provide food for a team of psychologists in Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital who are currently helping wounded soldiers and their families who are there for Shabbat.  Anyone who would like to help defray the costs can make a donation on the Reishit website, and in the section for comments, write that the donation is to be used towards this cause.  Shabbat food for one person costs approximately fifty shekel.
Have a great Shabbat, and may we hear besorot tovot!