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Chanuka Carnival 5775

We are happy to invite all of our alumni and their entire families to a special Chanukah carnival.  The carnival will be held in Reishit, this Wednesday, December 17.  As in the past few years, Reishit will be hosting the Keren Hayeled Orphanage from Bnei Brak. This carnival is always one of the highlights of the year for the talmidim of the Yeshiva and we would love for you and your families to join us for this fun-filled day. There will be moon-bounces, games, booths, prizes, popcorn, magic show... Many of the Rabbeim will also be there with their wives and families. Note that the schedule is different this year than it was in past years. 

1:30 PM - families of Rabbiem & Alumni are invited to get started with the carnival early

2:30 PM Keren Hayeled Orphanage arrives 

4:30 Hadlakat neirot


Kids go home about 5:30

We would like to thank Howard & Beverly Feldman for generously sponsoring this special event in memory of the kedoshim who fell in the Har Nof terror attck

Please RSVP, to with amount of kids who will be coming, and if you plan on staying for dinner. 
Looking forward to seeing you there!!