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Yom Hazikaron - Yeshiva Siyum Shas Mishnayos

The yeshiva has embarked on a new project this year in memory of the fallen soldiers and terror victims. The entire yeshiva will be learning all of Shas Mishnayos together. We will be completing the Mishnayos tomorrow night and making a siyum as part of our Yom Hazikaron program. This is in addition to the special va'ad given by Rav Doni and movies that will be shown about the lives of soldiers who gave up their lives for the Jewish people. 

Each shiur will learn one seder of Mishnayos and will have the following people in mind:

Rav Benovitz's Shiur - Seder Zeraim - In memory of Yoni Netanyahu. 

Rav Bronfeld's Shiur - Seder Moed - In memory of Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar, and Naftali Frenkel.

Rav Doni's Shiur - Seder Nashim - In memory of Dov Indig.

Rav Elie's Shiur - Seder Nezikin - In memory of Roi Klein.

Rav Ari's Shiur - Seder Kodshim - BeZchut the missing soliders.

Rav Rosner's Shiur - Seder Taharos - In memory of Michael Levine.

We would like to thank Warren & Esther Levie for sponsoring this special event, l'iluy nishmat Paul Levie, and Chana & Moshe Podolski, & in honor of their son, Benzion ('12-'13) who recently served in the IDF.


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