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End of Year Tiyul to Gan Hashlosha and Banquet

An amazing end to an amazing year.

During the last week of yeshiva, we enjoyed a tiyul up North to Teveria and Gan Hashlosha. In Teveria we visited the kevarim of the Rambam, Shl"a, and Rebbe Meir Baal HaNeis. We then traveled to Gan Hashlosha - one of the most beautiful places in all of Israel! We rented out the entire park to ourselves and enjoyed the majestic natural pools, springs, and waterfalls. It was a picturesque way to end our year. After swimming, we enjoyed a classic Reishit BBQ.

The End of Year Banquet was held Thursday night. During the first half of the banquet Rebbeim spoke, Allen Stern made a Siyum, and we enjoyed fresh Shwarma from the brand new Reishit Shwarma Machine. During "half-time" we went to the Old City for Chaim Marcus' Tekes and Maariv at the Kotel. We then returned to Beit Shemesh for the second half of the Banquet where we enjoyed more delicous food, those who scored 90+ on their Brachos or Megillah tests received their sets of Shas and Rambam's, and everyone got their "shout-out" from their Rebbe.