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Welcome to The Class of 5776!

Welcome to the Class of 5776!

The Shana Alef Class of 5776 all arrived safely today in Israel. They spent the day unpacking, getting settled in, eating an amazing dinner, meeting their Rebbeim and making new friends. They spent the night in the gym, playing ball, and getting some much needed sleep.

We are gearing up for an unbelievable first Shabbos together! Rav Bronfeld, Rav Perlowitz, R' Frager, and Yaakov Ribner and Families will all be joining us for the first In-Shabbos of the year. Along with Rav Jay, Rav Ari, Rav Elie, Rav Doni, Mordy, and Rav Mike and Families, we have an incredible line up and amazing things planned for Shabbos.

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