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Special Mishmar B'Zchut Shalom HaMedina

In response to the current events in Israel, and at the request of our Reishit Family, we decided to dedicate a special late night Mishmar for Sholom HaMedina – a zchus for a Refuah Shleimah for those who have been wounded and for the zchus for the hope that the situation will improve.

The Mishmar featured special shiurim from R’ Ari, R’ Elie, R’ Doni, R’ Benovitz, R’ Perlowitz and R’ Bronfeld.

Midnight schwarma and chulent was enjoyed by all who participated in this extraordinary event.


Thank you to all of the sponsors of this event. We appreciate your enthusiasm and admire your involvement in our learning and special programming.

Esther and Joe Schwartz
Jennifer and Seth Leavitt 
Sharon and Gary Rubin
Mitchell and Susan Markowitz
Judy and David Lazarous
Debbie and Raz Haramati
Lee and Sara Gherman
Rav Scotty and Dina Friedman
Rav Eytan and Allie London
Ari and Rebbeca Ashkenas