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Chanukah Highlights 5776

The fun never stops here at Reishit - from heartfelt singing during Hadlakas Neiros, to an energizing concert and Chagiga with Ari Goldwag, to an unbelievable Chessed Carnival for the children of Machon Feurstein, to two nights of Torah and Niggunim at Rebbeims homes, to the Shiur Olympic Games ft. gaga, dodgeball, 3on3 basketball and a slam dunk contest - Oh and all of that was only in 4 days!

During "Vacation" we offered an optional Shabbaton in the Old City Campus with Rabbi Frager and Rav Doni and Families. Sunday morning we offered an exclusive private tour of the Kotel tunnels. 

Overall it was an unforgettable and inspiring Chanukah had by all!


Thanks again to Yaakov Citron for capturing all of the energy and Ruach that Reishit is all about in the following video: