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Poland Trip Open to Parents & Alumni

Dear Parents and Alumni,

For the past several years, we have been leading an unforgettable and inspiring journey for our students and alumni to experience the majesty and witness the annihilation of centuries of vibrant Jewish life in Poland. Many students who have participated said that this trip is definitely a highlight of their year at yeshiva.

We are excited that this year’s excursion to two countries, Poland and the Czech Republic, will be departing for Warsaw on Sunday, March 26, 2017 and returning to Israel on Monday, April 3. We’ve carefully crafted an amazing, jam-packed itinerary studying and celebrating Jewish life in Eastern Europe. We’ll be visiting hauntingly beautiful ancient shuls, the hallowed resting places of brilliant scholars whose ideas we regularly study, and legendary Jewish communities of yesteryear. Of course, we will also get an in-depth, first-hand look at the horrors of the Shoah together, and will b’ezrat Hashem emerge more informed, inspired, and loyal to our Torah and our People.

Running our own trip has numerous obvious educational, pedagogic and logistic benefits, not least of which is the reduced price of $2277 – significantly less than in previous years.

The cost of the tour is all-inclusive:

  • Round-trip airfare from Tel Aviv to Warsaw

  • Full board and hotel accommodations

  • Traveler’s insurance

  • Modern, air conditioned coach buses

  • Armed security escort

  • Transportation from Reishit to the airport

  • Comprehensive Jewish Guide & Educational Map of Poland

Logistic arrangements are handled by Shorashim/Diesenhause-Unitours, one of the largest and most experienced tour providers to Eastern Europe. Shorashim/Diesenhause-Unitours work with the Ministry of Education of the State of Israel to coordinate travel to Poland for over 5,000 Israeli students annually.

For further information, please email

** Deadline for applications is January 1, 2017/ 3 Tevet 5777**

In past years several fathers have accompanied us to Europe. Their attendance has always significantly enhanced our experience. Any fathers interested in attending and are up to our intense schedule, please email us at Attendance will be based on availability of space. We will notify you after the January 1st deadline.

We look forward to your participation and to sharing this incredible experience together.   


Rav Elie Marcus