Yeshivat Reishit

Our Mission

Mission Statement
Reishit provides authentic, balanced, serious Torah studies in a warm, caring atmosphere which engages and develops the full inner world of each student.

Our aim is excellence – in academic achievement, in character development, in leadership training, and in value integration. We focus on the uniqueness and dignity of each of our students as we inspire them to realize their full potential. We cultivate a passion for learning, a lifelong dedication to our majestic mesorah, a powerful commitment to the Jewish people, the land of Israel and compassion for all humanity.

More on Reishit
Since its inception, Reishit has been dedicated to providing its talmidim with an unmatched degree of warmth and personal attention. Whether they are schmoozing through an issue at 1:30 am, helping someone select a lulav and etrog before Sukkot, learning with a talmid during the afternoon break, or simply greeting a student by name as he arrives at the airport, Reishit rabbeim constantly demonstrate their care and concern. Almost every rebbe lives within walking distance of the yeshiva, and Shabbatot and Yomim Tovim are regularly spent together.

Many students find that the most remarkable and memorable experience of their year in Israel is the forging of these special relationships. At Reishit, this is not merely a byproduct of our educational system, but rather its centerpiece, our focus. Reishit staffs a team of budding scholars who are available to learn individually with students during night seder. And of course, our amazing dorm counselors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Founding Chairman of the Board

Mr. Howard P. Ronson O.B.M.

Mr Ronson OBM
Mr Ronson OBM

Master Builder of Yeshivat Reishit Yerushalyim & Founding Chairman of Genesis, was a native of London, England, and was a graduate of Carmel College. As Chairman of HRO International and one of Europe’s most successful real-estate developers, Mr. Ronson earned a stellar reputation as a creative genius, brilliant executive and prolific builder. Admired for his keen business sense and professionalism, Mr. Ronson was an industry standard bearer, earning numerous international industry awards for design, management and excellence in development.

Despite his countless professional obligations, Mr. Ronson was an active philanthropist, and was the driving force and Master Builder of The Genesis Center / Ronson Family Campus in Beit Shemesh.

In addition, he actively supported a number of worthy institutions, including The Western Wall Heritage Foundation and Yakar. Mr. Ronson’s visionary leadership and personal involvement extended to every facet and detail of the planning, construction and expansion of the Genesis Center into the world’s premiere Yeshiva Campus.

Both the physical structure and spirit of Genesis/ Reishit is Mr. Ronson’s legacy; and will forever remain as a testament to his passionate commitment to Jewish education and values, and for developing the future leaders of the Jewish people.