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Indoor Gym 

Completed in Spring 2008, The Howard P. Ronson Family Sports Hallis a state of the art indoor gym. With a regulation size basketball court, four additional retractable fiberglass pro-backboards and hoops, the gym features a rubberized, professional indoor sports floor that is also marked for tennis, hockey and volleyball use.

At over thirty feet tall, the fully air-conditioned Sports Hall contains spectator bleachers, digitized scoreboard and changing room.

Indoor Gym
Indoor Gym Indoor Gym


Work-Out Gym 

Our newly constructed, spacious, air-conditioned and fully equipped workout room provides students with a comfortable and professional exercise gym. The work-out room is complete with cardiovascular, aerobic and weight-lifting machines, as well as a wide range of free weights. 


Athletic Fields

A healthy mind is balanced by a healthy body, and students are encouraged to make use of our regulation size, full-court basketball court, playing field as well as the tennis and hockey court. Through the generosity of The Fiedler Family Basketball Program students enjoy intramural sports and have the opportunity to host local under-privileged youth for special activities and sports programs. 



Old City


Moadon / Student Lounge

Located on the ground level of the dormitory, our student lounge features ping pong and foosball tables, vending machines, microwave ovens, and an ice coffee/ slushie machine, making it a great place to relax or grab a quick snack.

Moadon / Lounge



Music Room 

For those students who are musically inclined - or want to be! - we maintain a full music room complete with a professional sound system and mixing board, a drum set, microphones and guitar amps- perfect for practice, jamming or learning a new instrument.

Music Room


The Bender Family Library

The Bender Family Library houses thousands of classic and contemporary Sefarim, covering the entire spectrum of Jewish life, law and study. The library includes an extensive selection of English Judaica, with hundreds of titles relating to Talmud, Torah & commentary; Halacha, Zionism, Mysticism, Chasidut, History, Philosophy and Biography.  New titles and current Journals are added to the Library regularly. The Bender Family Library also includes hundreds of digital (MP3) audio shiurim as well as Torah tapes and compact disks featuring a broad range of speakers and topics. 
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The Joseph Alexander Foundation Auditorium

Fully equipt with a state of the art sound system and drop-down projection screen for audio-visual presentations, The Joseph Alexander Foundation Auditorium is perfect for hosting lectures, seminars, guest speakers and special events. Carpeted with large windows and comfortable chairs and desks, it is an oft used room for learning and special programming.

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Dining Room

A full service kitchen and dining room. Reishit employs two chefs whose jobs are to assure that the students are eating delicious and healthy meals. With few exceptions, breakfast and lunch are dairy meals while dinner is a meat meal.
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Beit Midrash Stained Glass Windows

By Judaic Artist, Barak Uranovsky 
ShabbatThe Shabbat: Sanctity of Time 
To the right are symbols of the seven days of creation, commemorated on the Eve of Shabbat. Matan Torah- the Revelation at Mount Sinai, which took place on Shabbat morning, is symbolized by the Luchot and fire on the mountain. On the far left is the Mizbe'ach (altar) representing the Mussaf service. The Siddur and Talit represent the eschatological prayer of Mincha.

Kibbutz GaluyotKibbutz Galuyot: Journey of a people 
Harps hung in windows evoke the rivers of Babylon. In the center hovers the imperial Roman eagle (or "on wings of eagles"); a ship representing the Spanish Expulsion of 1492 sails to the right. The yellow star with barbed wire forms the foundation of the American bridge leading to Jerusalem.

TorahThe Torah: All of Wisdom 
In the center,  the revelation of the Torah Shebichtav (Written Law) at Sinai; the Oral Law, the Mishna is put to scroll on the right. On the left is a Gemarah with the Vilna edition title page and the classic commentaries such as Rashi. Hovering above are the  mystical spheres of the Kabbala and the atomic structure; for all knowledge is embraced by Torah.

MikdashMikdash:   '
In the center are the Priests hands cloaked by a talit, raised in Aharon HaKohens threefold blessing. Behind is the gold and marble fa?ade of the Second Temple, with the Holy Ark and Shulchan (showbread table) on the right, and the Mizbe'ach HaKetoret (incense altar) and seven branched Menorah to the left.


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