Yeshivat Reishit

Advanced Program

For exceptional, highly-motivated, serious talmidim who refuse to settle for anything less than all-around excellence, Reishit's new advanced learning track offers the best of all worlds: 

Advanced ProgramINTENSITY.  The demanding and stimulating Gemara B'iyun shiurim of our world renowned maggid shiur, Rav Shalom Rosner, which focus on developing finely honed analytical skills of talmidim and rival the shiurim of any yeshiva in Israel.

MASTERY.  In Bekiyut seder, accept the challenge of completing an entire masechta – and knowing every daf inside out.

DEPTH.  Understand - in a profound way - the meaning of  Talmud Torah, mitzvot, and the yamim tovim with Rav Mendel Blachman's uniquely creative Machshava shiur.

RIGOR.  Talmidim in our advanced program take bechinot on what they learn and are pushed to surpass their own high academic expectations.

Advanced Program

Of course, all advanced program talmidim enjoy the WARMTH, SMALL SHIURIM, PERSONAL ATTENTION, and BALANCED APPROACH that Reishit is famous for. Additionally, advanced track talmidim are treated to the entire Reishit experience, including TIYULIM, GUEST SPEAKERS, and SHABBATONIM.

If you feel that you can meet the intellectual challenge and have proven so in High School, please feel free to contact us about the advanced program and note your interest on the application.