Yeshivat Reishit


’’וה' אמר אל אברם... קום התהלך בארץ לארכה ולרחבה כי לך אתננה" (בראשית י"ג, יד-יז)
“Arise, walk through the length and breadth of The Land for I will I give it to you…”

Tiyulim at Reishit are an integral part of the Yeshiva experience. Designed to be educational, fun, inspiring and challenging, we travel the “length and breadth” of the country and encounter the living history, natural beauty, and miraculous flourishing of Eretz Yisrael first hand. Talmidim go “off the beaten track” and get of an intimate look at the soul of the country, and grow in their knowledge, appreciation and connection to The Land of Israel.

Some Highlights of Overnight Tiyulim include:

AccoWestern Galillee: Water caves at Rosh Hanikra, swimming at the Chof Betzet beach; tour of Prison Fortress & Old City of Acco

Golan Heights: Beautiful hikes and waterfalls of The Banyas, Nachal Devorah and  Nachal El-Al; Six Day War / Yom Kippur War sites at Katzrin, Emek HaBacha, Kibbutz El-Rom ("Oz 77") and Har Bental; Swimming, Ice Skating & Bowling at The Canada Center in Metullah.

Negev & Eilat: Banana Boating, Tubing and Snorkeling in the Red Sea coral reef, Mountain biking in the Machtesh Crater; climbing majestic Har Shlomo; hiking in Kanyon HaAdom; paintball at Kibbutz Kramim and visit to the IDF Airforce base & Museum  

Central Galillee: Swim in the Kineret, descend the steep cliffs of Har Arbel, Kivrei Tzadikim in Teveryah, visits to Ramat HaShalom and Kibbutz Deganya… Meiron, Amukah and Nachal Amud, and of course, watching the Super Bowl together on the big screen…

  • Shabbatonim to Tzfat, Beit El, The Old City & Bnei Brak


Day Tiyulim Include:

  • Old City Jerusalem, Ir David + Kotel Tunnels
  • Ein Gedi & Dead Sea
  • Selichot at Me'arat HaMachpela & Tour of Chevron and Kever Rachel with Rav Simcha Hochbaum
  • Kotel Tunnels & Southern Wall Excavations
  • Lag BaOmer Tiyul to Har Meiron / Kever Rashbi
  • Visit to Mishkan Shilo, Amona & Ofra
  • Visit to Menachem Begin Heritage Museum
  • Tel Aviv / Ganei Yehoshua