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Self Sacrifice

By: Rabbi Josh Silverman

In Pasuk 19, 7 it says that, in reference to the parah adumah, the Cohen should remain Tameh until the night. Rav Yitzchak M'vorka said that the root of the para adumah, (vayikra 19,18) is to love ones neighbor as oneself. Rav Yitzchok's grandson Rav Mendel said that because the Cohen who was involved in the act of purifying the tameh person became impure himself through the same process that purified the person who came to be purified, symbolizes the essence of loving ones neighbor. The ability and will to sacrifice of oneself in order to give to someone else requires a deep love for that person. Rav Mendel says that when someone loses out themselves in order to help someone else, that is the greatest love that one can have for someone else. R' Dessler says that the root of the word ahava (love) is hav, to give. R' Dessler is saying that real love comes from giving.
The Meor Einayim and many other tzadikim say that each and every Jewish neshama is connected to one letter in the torah and that we know that if even one letter in the sefer torah is no good than the whole torah is pasul. This is because each and every letter in the torah is so precious and so choshuv because they represent the members of klal yisroel who are precious and choshuv. The Meor Eynayim says that every jew is so special and needed to be a part of klal yisrael in order for the torah to truly be complete. Hashem should help us that we should be able to help each other and grow together.

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