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The Sin of Lashon Hara

By: Eli Skoczylas '07-'09

This shall be the law of the metzora (14:2)

One would get Tzaraat for the sin of speaking Lashon Hara, speaking evil. This week’s Parsha is Metzora, the meaning is “Motzei Ra” to translate is “he brings out evil”. Speaking lashon hara is worse than killing a person. When you kill someone it affects one person, however lashon hara affects three people the person saying it, the listener and the person whom the lashon hara is spoken about. Speaking evil about another person can affect the person for many years to come and you will never know the damage that it may cause a person. It is important as many of us may be beginning to date, to be extra careful not to speak lashon hora about the person you are dating or dated in the past, one word can scar a person for life.
Rabban Shimon ben Gamiliel once asked his servants to bring him something good to eat from the local marketplace. The servant went to the marketplace and returns with a piece of tongue. Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel sent his servant to the marketplace again and said this time please bring me something bad to eat. The servant returned again with tongue. Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel asked the servant “Why have you brought tongue twice, when I asked you something good and something bad”. The Servant responded, “From the tongue comes both good and then bad. There is nothing better when the tongue is good, and there is nothing worse when the tongue is bad”.
As the Chodesh of Nissan began just a few days ago we should put upon ourselves to have a lashon hora free month, and you will see this year in the zechut of not speaking lashon hora the seder night will be even more spiritual. May we all celebrate Pesach this year in Yerushalayim Habenua!
Shabbat Shalom to all!