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Golf Update

Join us in honoring  an outstanding alumnus, Joe Greene ('00-'01, Madrich '04-'05), on a spirited yet soothing day of friends, food and fun, on Monday, ...

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View Videos & Virtual Journal from the Dinner

Thank you to all of our alumni, family and friends who helped make our annual dinner a huge success. Please enjoy the following videos of the honorees: Douglas & Rena ...

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Journey to Poland and Prague

8 days of traveling through Poland and Prague, visiting the concentration camps, kevarim, cemetaries, shuls and yeshivas. An unforgettable journey led by Rav Elie with his encyclopedic knowledge ...

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Winter Zman Highlights

Here are just a few of the tiyulim and programming highlights from this past winter zman. From after Sukkot, through Chanukah and Purim, and all the way to Pesach, we had a jam packed schedule of ...

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The Sondra and Howard Bender Chessed Fund

At Reishit, we emphasize the need to translate Torah ideas into practice. Accordingly, all students participate in our chessed and community service program on a regular basis. Throughout the ...

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  • Thursday May 19, Rav Simcha Hochbaum - Mussar & Mishmar
  • Thursday, May 12, Yosef & Rivky Seewald Mussar & Mishmarin honor of Yom Haatzmaut & Torah leaning in Israel
  • Thursday May 5, Will Margules - Mussar & Mishmar- Liylui Nishmas: Mr. Mendel Balk AH
  • Tuesday April 5, Daniel & Lauren KrulDay of learning in honor of the entire Marcus family
  • Wednesday, March 30,Anonymous- All Day Learning
  • Thursday, March 31, Meira & Jeffrey Goldgrab & Family- Mussar & Mishmar - Liylui Nishmas: , $360
  • Thursday, March 3, Etan & Shifra Orlian, Mitchell & Chaya Orlian and Yaffa & Yosef Liberman- Tursday Night Mussar/Mishmar- in honor of Avi Orlian on his 18th birthday and siyum.
  • Tuesday, February 23,Daniel & Lauren Krul- Day of Learning- in honor of the reishit students of 5776 whose Torah learning in an inspiration.
  • Thursday, February 18, David & Yvonne Kennard-Mussar & Mishmar - in memory of David ben Hirsch,Dr. Clive Joseph
  • Thursday,February11,Yitzi Kislak ('06-'08) and Avi Weg ('07-'09)-Mussar & Mishmar - as a Zechus for a Refuah Shelama for Tenoak ben Miriam Pearl and Faiga Rachel bas Sarah
  • Thursday,February4,Sharon & Gary Rubin-Mussar and Special Mishmar- in honor of Mike and all of the great Reishit boys
  • Thursday,January28, Sam and Joella Apple-Mussar and Mishmar-L'iyliue Nishamat DaniellaNechama bat Abba Moshe
  • Thursday, January 21,Lauren and Daniel ('05-'07) Krul- Mussar & Mishmar - In honor ofRav Elie. Thank you for making our shabbat table that much more meaningful as we always discuss your torah.
  • Tuesday, January 19, The Markowitz Family-All Day Learning -
  • Sunday, January 17,The Maryles Family-All Day Learning -
  • Thursday,January14,The Soclof Family- Mussar and Mishmar - In Appreciation of all of the Rabbiem in Yeshiva
  • Thursday, January14, The Saka Family-Mussar and Mishmar -
  • Wednesday, January 13, Jonny ('09-'10) & Emily Daniel- Day of Learning - " & "䠠
  • Tuesday, January 12, Anonymous- Day of Learning 頠 - Asher Strobel Z"L
  • Sunday, January 10,Shepatofsky Family- Day of Learning - 
  • Thursday, January 7, Yosef ('06-'08)& Rivky Seewald- Mussar and Mishmar -in honor of his Rebbi,Rav Landau
  • Wednesday, January 6, The Sternberg Family- All day learning - li'iluy nishmat Fiaga bas Avraham
  • ThursdayDecember 31, Eli ('07 - '09) & Stephanie Skoczylas- In honor of the recent Simchas of RavLandau and Rav Bronfeld
  • ThursdayJanuary31, Dani Strashun ('05 - '07)- In honor of Rashkeh bas Sara's Birthday
  • Thursday December 24, Naftali('99-'01, madrich '01-'02, '04-'05)and Shani Hermann- Thursday night Mishmar,In honor of our beautiful baby daughter, Yakira Emunah
  • Thursday December 17, Lauren and Daniel ('05-'07) Krul- Thursday Night Mishmar/Mishmar
  • Thursday December 3, Mussar & Mishmar, Ben Kahan & David Semmelman
  • Wednesday, December 9, Akiva Milgraum ('07-'08)-Special breakfast and all day learning - inmemory of Jonathan Finkelman
  • Tuesday, December 8, Craig (05-07) & Merissa Shapiro- All day learning -L'zchus a refuah shelema forBaruch Ben Faygah
  • Thursday,November26, Anonymous-Mussar-In Memory of Moshe Rephael Ben Yehoshua
  • Thursday, November 26, Gary & Pamela Klein- All day learning-L'zchus a refuah shelema for Mayer ben Hinda Machla
  • Wednesday, November 25, Miriam, Daniel, Gavi & Ezra Hill- All day learning -In honor of Benjy Hill's Birthday!
  • Tuesday, November 24, Mikey& JessicaMitnick-All day learning - L'zchus a refuah sheleima for
  • Wednesday, November 11, Eli & OrnaMassihesraelian- All day learning - Liliu nishmat Rachamim ben Yaakov
  • Sunday, November 8, All day learning - In honor of the engagement ofDavidJasphy('08-'10) toSarena Isakow
  • Thursday November 5, Alana and Larry Shepetofsky & family - All day learning - - Grandfather of Reishit student Jordan Shepetofsky
  • Wednesday November 4, Eli & Orna Massihesraelian - All day learning -
  • Wednesday November 4, Steven and Michelle Farbman - All day learning -
  • Tuesday November 3, Dr. Mark & Judy Tannenbaum - All day learning - - Grandfather of Shmuli SJ Tannenbaum, Yechiel Tannenbaum, Ben Pianko, Josh Pianko & Aryeh Pianko - All proud students and alumni of Reishit
  • Sunday November 1, Daniel Strashun - All day learning -
  • Thursday October 29, The Fuchs Family - Mussar & Mishmar lily nishmat Moshe Yisroel Ben chAim Dovid HaLevi
  • Thursday, October 22, Special Mussar and Mishmar - Refuah shleimah for all of those injured in recent terror attacks and for shalom hamidinah - Esther and Joe Schwartz, Jennifer and Seth Leavitt,Sharon and Gary Rubin, Mitchell and Susan Markowitz, Judy and David Lazarous, Debbie and Raz Haramati, Lee and Sara Gherman, Rav Scotty and Dina Friedman, Rav Eytan and Allie London, Ari and Rebbeca Ashkenas
  • Wednesday, October 14, Shimon & Sarah Indig - All Day Learning - For a refua shleima for Doniel Ben-tzion ben Sara Henna
  • Wednesday, September 23,Yaacov & Aliza Apfelbaum -Shiur Yom Kippor night - In memory of our dear friend Henuch Binyamin Ben Yechiel Aharon HaLevi
  • Sunday, September 20, The Galla and Moros families -All day learning - In honor & appreciation of the great Rabbeim at Reishit
  • Thursday, September 17, Daniel & Miriam Hill - Mussar & Mishmar - l'iluy nishmas Masha Nechama bas Noach Meir HaLevi whose 7th yahrtzeit is this upcoming Shabbos, Vav Tishrei
  • Sunday September 14, Rapps Family - Rosh hashana tisch - In honor of the awesome Rabbiem at Reishit who truly love their Talmidim.
  • Friday, September 11,Israel & Cindy Wiesel - Friday morning Parsha Shiur - "
  • Thursday, September 10,Yehuda & Miriam Dubin - Yom Chessed - Refuah shelama for Zvi Yerachmael Ben Sheindel
  • Thursday, September 10, Davidman Family - Mussar & Mishmar - "
  • Wednesday, September 9 - Daniel & Lauren Krul - All day learning - in honor of the shanna bet students that made the decision to dedicate more time to learning Torah in Israel. There continued commitment to Torah learning is an inspiration.
  • Tuesday September 8, Jay & Nechama Kislak - All day learning - In honor of the great Rabbiem in Yeshiva
  • Wednesday, September 2, Marsha & Jay Shulman - All day learning - To commemorate the Yartzeit of Yaakov Shlomo ben Chaim Baer
  • Monday, August 31, Jakey & Dahlia Berman - All day learning - To give gratitude to HaSh-m & thanks to Reishit for everything
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Mazal Tovs
Jeremy Kramer ('07-'08) on his marriage to Lisa Ast
Josh ('05-'07) & Miriam Zlotnick on the birth of of a baby boy

Andrew ('09-'11) & Tamar Turk on the birth of a baby girl 

Rav Andrew ('00-'01) & Sara Markowitz on the birth of their daughter, Noa Yemima

Eli ('09-'10) & Talia Weintraub on the birth of a baby boy

Rav Adam ('06-'08) & Sigal Offman on the birth of their son, Yehoshua Yosef

Josh Gurin ('13-'15) on his marriage to Naama Bekritsky

Harry Pearl ('13-'15) on his marriage to Tamara Weinberg

Eli Greenberg ('12-'14) on his marriage to Sarah Isaacs

Mendy Eisenberg ('12-'14) on his marriage to Shira Nashofer

Joe Wacholder ('13-'15) on his marriage to Ariella Weiss

Devir Kahan ('13-'15) on his marriage to Sarah Steinfeld

Michael Kluger ('10-'11) on his marriage to Renna Rothman

Josh Davidman ('11-'12) on his marriage to Elisheva Yondorf

Eitan Rosenfeld ('13-'14) on his marriage to Zoey Glaubach

Zach Kirschner ('13-'14) on his engagement to Natalie Frohlinger
Eric Spiro ('10-'12) on his engagement to  Aviva Susman 
Jason ('00-'01) and Ruchi Osofsky on the birth of a baby boy
Michael ('03-'05 & Madrich '12-'13) & Elana Eisman  on the their daughter, Tehilla Rivka
Elan ('04-'06) & Chevy Nat on the birth and bris of their son, Jospeh Jacob (Joey)
Rafi Motechin ('08-'10) on his marriage to Ariella Alper
Zach Feld ('12-'14) on his marriage to Tara Roisman

Matthew Rosenberg ('14-'15) on his engagement to Jordan Levy

Rob Browdy ('12-'14) on his engagement to Rebecca Sturm

Eric Behar ('06-'07) on his engagement to Jessica Prawer

Dov ('97-98) & Tara Fried on the birth of a baby girl

Kenny ('08-'09) and Lauren Goldstein on the birth of twin baby boys

Lee Abrams ('10-'12) on his marriage to Avital Moskowtiz

Binyamin ('09-'11) & Shima Safrin on the birth of a baby boy

Justin ('03-'04) & Ricky Hirmes on the birth of a baby girl

Jeremy Fruchter ('08-'09) on his marriage to Risa Kelmer

Daniel ('02-'03) & Rachel Agalar on the birth of a baby boy

Sammy ('08-'10) & Dara Rosenzweig on the birth and bris of their son, Klonimus Ephraim

Jon Galitzer ('13-'14) on his engagement to Rebecca Mogil

Eitan Nat ('06-'08) on his engagement to Rachellie Friedman

Ophir Eis ('05-'07) on his marriage to Adina Katz 

Jeremy Kramer ('07-'08) on his engagement to Lisa Ast

Rav Ariel ('05-'07) & Chaya Fishman on the birth of a baby boy

Rav Moshe Yosef Blond ('08-'09) on his engagement to Leora Hettleman

Jeff ('10-'11) & Shana Meckler on the birth of a baby girl

Gavi ('01-'02) and Tali Hoffman upon the birth of their son, Dovid Avraham Yoshiyahu

Jonathan Yousefzadeh (Zada) ('10-'12) on his engagement to Rena Stahler

Henry Bernstein ('09-'10) on his marriage to Deena Buechler

Joe Wacholder ('13-'15) on his engagement to Ariella Weiss

Harry Pearl ('13-'15) on his engagement to Tamara Weinberg

Ariel Baruch ('08-'09) on his marriage to Alana Cohen

Etan ('08-'10) & Sara Israel on the birth of a baby boy

Ariel Youssefzadeh ('08-'09) on his engagement to Dina Rehanian

Eric ('97-'98) & Pnina Distenfeld on the birth of a baby girl

Zach Perl ('12-'13) on his engagement to Sarah Mandelbaum

Zecharia ('07-'08) & Ayelet Hirsch on the birth of of their daughter, Sophia Hallel

Jeffrey ('05-'07) & Meira Goldgrab on the birth of their daughter, Leah

Yitzy ('10-'12) & Aliza Fuld on the birth of a baby girl

Josh ('07-'09) & Alana Kirschner on the birth & bris of their son, Mordechai Aaron

Shelby Rosenberg ('11-'12) on his marriage to Daniella Wachs

Joey ('00-'01) & Stephanie Kandelman on the birth of a baby boy

David ('09-'11) & Alyssa Prince on the birth of a baby boy

Natan Buchsbaum ('09-'10) on his marriage to to Zahava Leiberman

Aaron ('11-'13) & Amy Zuckerman on the birth of a baby boy

Josh Gurin ('13-'15) on his engagement to Naama Bekritsky 

Ariel ('05-'06) & Sheri Rotenberg on the birth of their son, Nachum Raphael

Mendy Eisenberg ('12-'14) on his engagement to Shira Nashofer

David ('98-99) & Sarah Casden on the birth of a baby girl

Yosef Penner ('12-'14) on his marriage to Elana Kaminetsky

Josh ('10-'12) & Aimee Wacholder on the birth of a baby boy

Dani ('08-'10) and Chana Miriam Matis on the birth of their daughter, Elisheva Ita

Shoni Harel ('10-'11) on his engagement to Tammy Assouline

Rafi ('04-'06) & Deborah Silverman on the birth of a baby boy

Tani ('06-'08) & Daniella Guterman on the birth of a baby boy

Rafi Motechin ('08-'10) on his engagement to Ariella Alper

Eric ('95-'96) & Lisa Pinkis on the bat mitzvah of their daughter, Ariellla Kayla

Jason ('96-'98) & Bruria Rozen on the bar mitzvah of their son, Nachum

Henry Bernstein ('09-'10) on his engagement to Deena Buechler

Daniel ('07-'08) & Jana Malka on the birth of a baby boy

Yosef ('06-'07) & Rivky Seewald on the birth of their daughter, Nava

Jeffrey ('02-'03) & Daniella Remin on the birth of their son, Ezra Simcha

Eli Osdoba ('13-'14) on his engagement to Phoebe Cutler

Ophir Eis ('05-'07) on his engagement to Adina Katz

Matthew ('08-'10) & Aliza Segal on the birth of their daughter, Leah Shalhevet

Leor Friedman ('06-'08) on his marriage to Shelley Eisman

Devir Kahan ('13-'15) on his engagement to Sarah Steinfeld

Nati ('05-'07) Kayla Weiss on the birth of a baby boy

Yehuda Nevies ('14-'15) on his engagement to Maya Lipman

Eitan Rosenfeld ('13-'14) on his engagement to Zoey Glaubach

Yaakov ('05-'06) & Shani Gelb on the birth of a baby boy

Joe Listhaus ('02-'03) on his engagement to Heather Markovitch

Zachary ('09-'10) & Davida Schlessel on the birth of a baby boy

Avi ('07-'09) and Miriam Weg on the birth of twin boys

Ari ('05-'07) & Rebbeca Ashkenas on the birth of twins, a boy & a girl

David Kelin ('09-'10) on his engagement to Arielle Kuritzky

Lee Abrams ('10-'12) on his engagement to Avital Moskowtiz

Adam ('05-'07) & Eliana Pomerantz on the birth of their daughter, Ahuva Yael

Max ('00-'01) and Dana Sicherman on the birth of a baby boy

Michael ('09-'11, Madrich '11-'12) & Dassie Hurtes on the birth of a baby girl

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